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Option 1: Sell Your Commercial Property & Vacate

Perfect For…

  • Those reaching retirement
  • Buildings in poor condition
  • New business ventures/direction
  • Empty buildings
  • People emigrating
  • Maximizing Capital/Price obtained

Obtaining a cash sale for your commercial property can be an ideal solution in many situations. Here at JB Real Estate, we are a trusted buyer of properties across Liverpool, Chester, Wirral and the North West. Whether you are approaching retirement, looking for a quick cash sale or have an empty commercial building that’s not generating any profit our fast cash purchase of your commercial building could be the solution you are looking for. At JB Real Estate we can review and quote for any commercial building, no matter what the condition of the property. Fill out some information about your property here so we can kick start the process to help you sell your property fast.

Option 2: Sell Your Commercial Property & Stay as a Tenant

Perfect For…

  • Business looking To expand quickly
  • Rejected for Bank Finance
  • Short-term Cash Flow problems
  • Complicated business structure problems

Sell your commercial property with a cash sale and lease it back from JB Real Estate agents. Is your business looking to expand quickly? Has your business had financial difficulties? Our expert team can help you with a fast cash sale of your business property and lease it back to you with a tenancy contract so your business can continue trading. If your business is based around the North West, Merseyside, Wirral or in Cheshire then get in touch with JB Real Estate Property Buyers and Consultants today.

We understand that every situation is different and will work closely with your business to provide you with the best building leaseback solution. We encourage our customers to speak to us and take time about their decision whether it’s for a fast cash sale or leaseback of the property. JB Real Estate are happy to arrange a visit to your property, find out more about the building and your needs and provide you with an evaluation. Call us today on 0151 356 7551.

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